Bartenders Notes

A true modern style gin with primary notes that are driven by wild meadow florals like lavender, coriander, sage and perfumed overtones of locally harvested oranges, then the sweet palate gives way to an echo of juniper.

Food Matches: Honey, vanilla, pickled red onion, lamb with rosemary
G+T Garnish:Ruby Grapefruit

Classic cocktail

Great Southern Negroni
25ml equal measures of Dasher + Fisher Meadow, red vermouth and Campari.
Pour into an old fashioned glass with 1 large ice cube. Garnish with a ruby grapefruit twist.

Distillers Notes

Mountain Batch #1
Made: Spring 2016
Botanicals: 15 including local Tasmanian lavender, wakame, pepperberry, oranges and herbs
Still: 1100L Copper still handmade in Tasmania by Stillsmiths
Method: Copper pot and gentle vapour distillation
Base: Highest grade spirit, derived from wine grapes 
Proof : 90 Proof (45% ABV)
Water: North-west Tasmania’s finest, originating from the snowmelt of Cradle Mountain and delivered via the Dasher and Fisher rivers

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Liquor License Number 85931
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