Bartenders Notes

This is a new kind of smooth and tangy gin from the coast of Tasmania. It displays aromas of salty ocean spray, seaweed, fresh pink rose petals with sophisticated flavours of nori, jasmine and roasted peanuts.

Food Matches: Miso, mushrooms, truffle, scallops, crayfish
G+T Garnish: Slice of fresh radish

Classic cocktail

Bloody Queen Mary
45ml Dasher + Fisher Ocean Gin, V8 vegetable juice or your own house Bloody Mary Mix. Mix in a tall glass and top with squeeze of lemon, slices of radish, a stick of celery and cracked pepperberries.

60ml Dasher + Fisher Ocean Gin, 5ml dry vermouth. Chill gin by mixing with ice, rinse vermouth in pre-chilled martini glass, pour in gin and garnish with a thin slice of radish

Distillers Notes

Mountain Batch #1
Made: Spring 2016
Botanicals: 11 including local Tasmanian pepperberry,wakame and lavender
Still: ‘Stan’, our 1100L copper still handmade in Tasmania by Stillsmiths
Method: Copper pot and gentle vapour distillation
Base: Highest grade spirit, derived from wine grapes 
Proof : 84 Proof (42% ABV)
Water: North-west Tasmania’s finest, originating from the snowmelt of Cradle Mountain and delivered via the Dasher and Fisher rivers

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Liquor License Number 85931
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