Cherry Gin


Dasher + Fisher Cherry Gin

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Harvest Location:  Spreyton –  located in Tasmania’s glorious North West
Bottle Size: 500mL
Alcohol: 31.9% Alcohol by volume
Standard Drinks per Bottle: Approximately 13

Appearance:  Rich, dark burgundy reminiscent of the fresh fruit on the tree
The Nose:  Spice, wood and a touch of almond nuttiness
The Palate: It presents a spicy, slightly sweet palate.
The Finish: Long and sumptuously balanced mix of spice, with a dry finish.
Luscious, rich cherries, hand-picked in northwest Tasmania, masterfully infused with our multi-award winning Dasher + Fisher Gin, producing a warming, sweet, spiced finish.  This new addition to our seasonal range is already being favourably compared to our Sloe Gin.  You can enjoy our Cherry Gin over ice or play or enjoy this gin with  any of your favourite mixers.  We have been enjoying a Cherry Negroni and a fabulous Cherry Cola for something a little different.