Dasher + Fisher – 200mL Seasonal Limited Edition Gift Pack


The 3 x 200mL Seasonal Limited Edition Dasher + Fisher Gin Pack includes Sloe Gin, Strawberry Gin and our new 2020 release Cherry Gin.


The perfect tasting pack for the festive season, makes an amazing Christmas gift!


Both the Sloe and Strawberry have won more than a dozen medals worldwide including Best Australian Gin 2019 for our Strawberry Gin at the World Liqueur Awards in London.  Our Sloe Gin again won Gold at the recent Tasting Australia Spirit Awards 2020.  Our new Cherry Gin is sure to follow.

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Sloe Gin

Harvest Location: Tasmania’s North West
Bottle Size: 200mL
Alcohol: 29.5% Alcohol by volume
Standard Drinks per Bottle: Approximately 4.7

Appearance: Dark red, crimson
The Nose: Deeply rich and inviting
The Palate: Mysteriously complex and layered.
The Finish: Long and sumptuously balanced mix of spice, berry and sweetness.
A Sloe Gin that definitely sets the benchmark.  Once a year, this hand-picked harvest is searched for and picked by our team in the wilds of Tasmania.  Originally brought to Tasmania by early European settlers and planted as a livestock fencing control, these sloe berries are now creating gold medal Sloe Gins for all seasons.

Our sloe gin sells out every year with an ever-growing fan club discovering its versatility in summer cocktails or even as a winter warmer.  You won’t want to share this – so maybe buy two while you can!


Cherry Gin

Harvest Location:  Spreyton –  located in Tasmania’s glorious North West
Bottle Size: 200mL
Alcohol: 31.9% Alcohol by volume
Standard Drinks per Bottle: Approximately 5.0

Appearance:  Rich, dark burgundy reminiscent of the fresh fruit on the tree
The Nose:  Spice, wood and a touch of almond nuttiness
The Palate: It presents a spicy, slightly sweet palate.
The Finish: Long and sumptuously balanced mix of spice, with a dry finish.
Luscious, rich cherries, hand-picked in northwest Tasmania, masterfully infused with our multi-award winning Dasher + Fisher Gin, producing a warming, sweet, spiced finish.  This new addition to our seasonal range is already being favourably compared to our Sloe Gin.  You can enjoy our Cherry Gin over ice or enjoy this gin with any of your favourite mixers.  We have been enjoying a Cherry Negroni and a fabulous Cherry Cola for something a little different.


Strawberry Gin

Bottle Size: 200mL
Alcohol: 22.3% Alcohol by volume
Standard Drinks per Bottle: Approximately 3.5

Our strawberries (Fragaria × ananassa) are handpicked, hand sliced and hulled in summer and left to rest in our special recipe 19 botanical gin before bottling.

Appearance: Soft red.
The Nose: Lush, inviting strawberry and spice.
The Palate: Sumptuous strawberry with subtle floral undertones.
The Finish: A beautifully balanced mix of spice, fresh berry and sweetness, sensual.
This is the gin to get the party started!  Born out of the 2018 bio-security crisis, using perfect strawberries that would have gone to waste, this gin has become one of the firm favourites of our seasonal range.  A beautiful balanced mix of spice and sumptuous sweetness, top 30ml of Strawberry Gin with your favourite sparkling, garnish with a fresh strawberry!


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Weight 3.5 kg
Dimensions 21.8 × 7.3 × 11.5 cm


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